If this ´ld be the last day of Your life,

should´nt it be the best one?-

by Rev. Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

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If we have a look onto the stars and planets,

we face not only severe weather phenomenons

, that affect the earth,

but we also see signs,

that have biblical background-

and might be a hint on

things to come very soon.


Prayer is one option we can do to conect to GOD

and ask for HIS blessings and thank

for HIS grace and mercy,

if devastation does not afflickt us directly.


x minus 1  But do we have manmade options

to influence our own destination and life??  

Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

is giving You a short introduction,

of things we may do

to live in peace and prosperity.

And there is a lot we can do for others

to help them overcome the deseases and devastations

and starvation of severe weather,

like earthquakes, storms and floods, vulcano eruptions

and other phenomenon that could be caused

by global warming, planet X or HARP.

The question whether it is manmade

or kind of KISMET or cosmic tragedy

is not leading to the right efforts.


At least we are able to use state-of-the-art

communication technology and be

sympathetic with these new business tools

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as well as to engage in socioeconomic strategies

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Landmanagement and Aquafarming

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When trying to bring light into Doxology, we first take a look on the biblical definition.

Then we face Saints, who proofed the Doxo with their own life. Forthfollowing we want to take some new steps by hinting on basic teaching by Pope em. Benedict XVI, who wrote about Sacraments aqnd the church as beeing one fulfilment of Sacrament, by giving signs and symbols as lumen gentilis and as a tool , that is referring towards it´s own meaning. 


http://  <==== click here for original post with picture gallery

In a next degree we are going to show the signs in the heavenlies, as it can be seen with software stellarium.org at date 22.August 2017. An outlook on 23rd September 2017 is given. 

According to our definition, a DOXO is a sign with supernatural attitude that has weight. So how can these signs in heaven become relevant on earth and put a weight on human behaviour and beeing? Well, the author dares to risk a theoreme with pratical outcome. The lumen gentilis , shown by the stars and planets on September 2017, shall be interpreted in the light of biblical revelation.

But in further interpretation the tool , that is making the difference and hinting to a greater, universal sacrament as the fulfilment of church, both represented by ISRAEL as elected people of GOD and HIS inheritance, as well as to the Body of Christ, which represents the ecclesia or universal church.

Specified by the former mentioned DOXO-Logical manifestations of mother Mary, as the virgin and divine Queen, we are going to make one input by giving the ROSARY, (Chaplet, Rosary-Chain or Rosenkranz-Gebetskette) as one relevant sign and tool for the peoples of this world. Represented by the signs in heaven this is giving a new impression of the weight and importance of this Prayer communion as a sacrament to fulfil the covenant of the church.

In a more profane way, the ROSARY Ridgebed (Rose Garden, ROSARIUM) shall be focussed on as one earthly tool and signum gentilis (Sign for the nations, lumen gentilis) to spread the gospel of Christ both and providing the church with food and flowers and bring the earth under the authority and commandment of Jesus , King of Kings.


Looking foreward on end time scenarios, like they are discussed actually, this may give hope and peace for future and present generations. God bless.

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Zeichen der Endzeit

 Thessaloniker 14,7 und der 23.9.2017





von Archbishop Dr. Uwe AE.Rosenkranz, MA,DD.

In folgendem Video gibt Uwe Rosenkranz einen Überblick über die Zeichen der Endzeit:

====>>>Video Zeichen der Endzeit <=====

Dabei gehen wir ein auf die astronomischen Konstellationen am 23. September 2017:




 Es gibt eine Fülle von Endzeitprophetien:

Mittels Ephemeriden können wir den genauen Stand
der Planeten und Sterne bestimmen:
Wenn wir die astronomischen Zeichen in dem Tageshoroskop spiegeln erhalten wir die o.g. Tabelle:
 des Autors Uwe Rosenkranz zu lesen:
und hier gibt es das ebook zum download für 4,99 €:
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Kommst Du mit
oder lebst Du schon????

Bitte schau Dir mein video an zur Thora Lesung 46:


Bist Du zu müde, immer den gleichen Trott zu gehen?*
Möchstest Du endlich mal etwas Neues erleben??
Dann komm mit nach ISRAEL! 
PS: * Wir müssen leider drausssen bleiben.-lol


weitere Thora Lesungen:


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